Bayer Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a Business Unit of the Crop Science Division of Bayer, specialising in the development and marketing of pest, weed and plant-disease control solutions for non-crop situations.

This encompasses professional and rural pest control, termite management, mosquito and locust control, turf and amenity horticulture, industrial vegetation management, stored product protection and the home-garden.In Australia, we offer a comprehensive range of, Professional Pest Management products. A balanced and strong turf management portfolio. Very strong product offerings in: Mosquito control, Farm hygiene, Stored grain protection, Home garden plant health solutions

Key brands include Temprid75, Premise, Kordon, Maxforce, Cislin, Tempo, Coopex, Ficam, Starycide and Racumin, as well as Specticle, Tribute, Dedicate, Reserve Stressgard, Interface Stressgard, Signature Stressgard, Destiny, Initiator, Merit, SilvaShield, Spearhead and Confidor.

The combination of a highly experienced commercial team, represented in all of our major market centres and a dedicated product development and regulatory affairs group locally, enables us to provide a strong level of technical support and a solid pipeline of future products.


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Aqua-K_1L_Straight_RGB (2)


Aqua-K-Othrine kills mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, spiders and stored product pests.

Cislin 25 5L_Straight_RGBCislin 25 1L_Straight_RGB

Cislin 25

A suspension concentrate containing 25 g/L deltamethrin for use in the control of a range of pests by Professional Pest Managers.



The fast-acting, all-round insecticide for general insect control on a wide variety of insect pests.

Ficam W 150g StraightRGB

Ficam W

A residual broad spectrum spray for control of a wide range of insect pests in domestic, industrial, commercial and public service buildings.

Maxforce Active

Maxforce Activ Cockroach Gel

Maxforce Activ is the latest gel, in the line of ‘new generation’ cockroach control products by Bayer. Bayer has created this product from the ground up, gel placements even look different!


Maxforce Fusion Cockroach Gel

Maxforce® Fusion is the next generation gel against cockroaches large and small. Maxforce Fusion will kill cockroaches including nymphs, for total life-cyle control.

Maxforce Quantum by agserv

Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait

Maxforce® Quantum is a patented viscous liquid ant bait made of 99.9% naturally derived ingredients. For the control of ants in and around the home.

Perigen Defence

Perigen Defence

Perigen® Defence is a residual insecticide suitable for use in the protection of various materials against the effects of insect damage.

Premise 200SC

Premise 200SC

Premise 200 SC Termiticide is a soil-applied liquid termiticide providing long-term protection against Termites.


Rodilon Pro

Use Rodilon® Pro to eradicate rats and mice. Rodilon®’s pioneering active ingredient Difethialone is a unique anti-coagulant because of its molecular configuration


Starycide IGR

For the control of silverfish, immature fleas and cockroaches in indoor and outdoor situations; and for the control of mosquitoes.

Suspen Flexx Pic

Suspend Flexx

Suspend® Flexx is a new, innovative general insecticide from Bayer containing leading-edge patented Carrier™ technology.

Tempo 1L

Tempo Residual Insecticide

Tempo is a fast-acting, knock-down, broad-spectrum insecticide for general insect control in domestic and commercial situations.

Temprid 1LTemprid 5L

Temprid 75

Temprid75 is a general insecticide that will control most insect pests. It is a suspension concentrate that offers a unique dual mode of action by combining two powerful and effective residual insecticides.