18/11/2020 - 19/11/2020    
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Survive COVID-19; Protecting Your Future: Safeguarding the Pest Management Industry through an Uncertain World

The pest management industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and faces difficult times ahead. Disease cases are spiraling upwards and the world economy is facing the greatest downturn in living history.

However, there is one group that is taking full advantage of the situation; pests. Already there are reports of major rodent problems, increasing mosquito issues with a rise in mosquito-borne diseases, and other serious pest concerns.

While the workload is expected to surge, the challenge for pest management companies will be surviving in a fiscally challenged world.

If you wish to protect your companies’ future and rise above your competitors, then attend FAOPMA-Pest Summit Virtual Conference 2020.

The theme will focus on how your company can survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gathered together will be some of the greatest minds in the industry. Hear from industry leaders who sailed through the 2007 Global Financial Crisis to become even bigger and stronger.

Presentations will focus on the future of COVID-19 and its economic impacts and the consequences of the pandemic on urban pests. There will be more than 40 speakers, virtual booths and opportunities to see new products and speak with vendors.

Registration is only $USD50!

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