Agserv offers a range of professional pest control products for commercial and residential customers. We offer antibacterial and hygiene products, bird management services, pesticides, traps and equipment to help you keep your property clean and free from pests.


Disinfectants: Antibacterial & Hygiene Products

Agserv offers products specifically designed for the disinfecting and cleaning of commercial, industrial or other premises. Our range also includes products that can help prevent the transmission of viruses.

Bird Management

Agserv’s Bird Management solutions are designed to deter and repel birds from your premises

Chemicals and Pesticides

Our chemical pest control solutions include herbicides, insecticides and rodenticides, plus termite systems

Traps and Equipment

Agserv’s range of pest control equipment, including application equipment, flylights, fogging machines, PPE and Safety plus traps and stations.