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Lizzy Lowe Blog 3

First Pestech 2019 Guest Speaker Announced

Invertebrate conservation, people’s attitudes towards spiders/pests and biological control in an urban context Dr Lizzy Lowe is a postdoc in the Behavioural Ecology Group at Macquarie University, her research investigates in the social and environmental factors that drive biodiversity and species interactions in cities. Lizzy is fascinated by the ability of some “urban exploiting” species…

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Your Choice of the Nemesis Termite Bait System Offers You Many Advantages

The Nemesis Termite Bait System has become widely established in Australia as a leading professional termite colony elimination control product. Nemesis has been used since 2005 to eliminate existing termite colonies and to monitor your client’s sites for future activity. It is wholly Australian owned and manufactured system providing a safe, non-invasive solution for termite…

New Seclira® WSG Insecticide by Agserv

New Seclira® WSG Insecticide from BASF

  The first non-staining*, odourless, broad spectrum, general insect control product for indoor and outdoor use. Seclira® WSG represents the most significant innovation in general insecticide technology for over 20 years. Seclira WSG is the industries’ first non-staining, odourless, broad spectrum, non-repellent general insect control product for indoor and outdoor use. Seclira WSG, has been…