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Never Decant Dust Ever Again

  Two exciting new innovations from Sundew Solutions are set to change the way inseciticidal dusting is done in Australia: 1.        StarrdustPRO DUCKBILL Duster, 2.        StarrdustPRO ‘ONE-SHOT’ 400g pod. Pest controllers have complained about how messy and time wasting decanting insecticidal dusts is ever since they became available to the industry.  Sundew now has the…


New Seclira® WSG Insecticide from BASF

  The first non-staining*, odourless, broad spectrum, general insect control product for indoor and outdoor use. Seclira® WSG represents the most significant innovation in general insecticide technology for over 20 years. Seclira WSG is the industries’ first non-staining, odourless, broad spectrum, non-repellent general insect control product for indoor and outdoor use. Seclira WSG, has been…


Rodent Management – Meet the Deadline

  INTRODUCTION Deadline Rodenticide Paste is currently in use throughout the world providing excellent control against rodent pests. Deadline Rodenticide Paste is formulated to be palatable to rodents, easy to use, effective and to minimise any risk to the environment and non-target organisms. PALATABILITY AND EFFICACY Deadline Rodenticide Paste has been developed specifically to control…