Agserv’s state-of-the-art products provide you with the best solution for bird control.  Agserv Bird Management solutions are designed to deter and repel birds. These products are environmentally friendly solutions for managing unwanted bird populations in your facility or garden.


Bird Net & Fixings

Netting is perfect for buildings that need protection from droppings or other hazards. With an easy installation, this product will keep birds out of your property.

Bird Scaring Devices

Our Bird scaring devices use visual or audible deterrents to keep the birds away.

Bird Spikes & Solar Panel Protection

Bird spikes are used to create a barrier on ledges or railings where birds congregate during the day or at night.

Bird Traps, Baits & Repellents

Repellents can be used in conjunction with any of our products to create an even more effective bird deterrent system.