Bell Laboratories

As the world leader in Rodent Control Technology, Bell Laboratories provides leadership and stewardship for the rodent control segment of the Pest Control industry. Bell’s focus is on quality, functionality and innovation.

Protecta & Protecta EVO Tamper Resistant Bait Stations: From the toughest to the most discreet baiting requirements, Bell Labs offers PCOs a choice of tamper-resistant bait stations for both rats and mice to fit any situation.

Exceptional Rodenticide Bait Formulations: Contrac, Ditrac, Rampage, Detex – Bell Lab’s complete line of rodenticides offers the widest range of rodent baits available on the market. Bell’s rodenticides contain only the highest grade inert ingredients for maximum attraction, palatability – and results in the field.

Trapper Glue and Mechanical Traps: Bell has applied its vast knowledge of rodent behaviour and engineering savvy into the development of an array of mechanical and adhesive trapping alternatives.


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