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Advion Ant Pic

Advion Ant Gel

ADVION ANT GEL is a professional ant bait that targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders.

Altriset Termiticide by Agserv

Altriset Termiticide

An effective, non-scheduled termite treatment that is versatile and user friendly

Amdro Granular Ant Bait by Agserv

Amdro Granular Ant Bait

Amdro Granular Ant Bait is highly attractive to specific ant species, namely the singapore ant, coastal brown ant, tropical fire ant (ginger ant), red imported fire ant and green-head ant.

Antagonist PRO Ant Insecticide

Antagonist PRO Ant Insecticide

A residual insecticide for the exterior control of ants around domestic dwellings, industrial sites and public areas including roadside curbing and footpaths as specified in the directions for use.



Aqua-K-Othrine kills mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, spiders and stored product pests.

Aquastar 100SC by AgservAquastar 100SC by Agserv

Aquastar 100SC

For the control of a range of urban interior and exterior pests including subterranean termites.

Arilon Insecticide

Arilon Insecticide

The unique mode of action of ARILON makes this non-repellent insecticide a flexible option for pest managers.

Avert Cockroach Gel by Agserv

Avert Cockroach Gel

For the control of cockroaches in commercial, industrial and residential premises.

Battleaxe Aero

Battleaxe PRO Aerosol

An aerosol formulation containing both long lasting and vapour-acting knockdown components. It can be fitted with a nozzle extension to allow treatment of cracks and crevices.

Battleaxe PRO Roach Bait

Battleaxe PRO Roach Bait

BattleaxePRO Roach Bait is a ready-to-use high performance broad spectrum cockroach gel bait utilising the powerful active fipronil.

Biflex Aqua Max by Agserv

Biflex Aqua Max

Liquid insecticide for internal and external use in all domestic, commercial, public and industrial buildings and structures.

Biflex Ultra by Agserv

Biflex Ultra Lo Odour

Biflex Ultra-Lo-Odour is a cost effective, broad spectrum, long residual, liquid insecticide and termiticide for use as an external treatment of a wide range of pests.



For the control of a range of insect pests in various situations.