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Alpen Quad

Alpen 4 Cut SDS Plus Drill Bits

Alpen Force X SDS Plus 4 cut drill bits offer problem-free drilling in reinforced concrete, vibrationless running and fast removal of drilling dust.

B&G AccuSpray by Agserv

B&G AccuSpray

The AccuSpray is an important tool for any IPM Program. The compact design allows insecticide to be applied to areas where insect activity is present. There are many models and configurations available.

B&G Bulb Dust-R by Agserv

B&G Bulb Dust-R

The B&G Bulb Duster fits any service kit and attaches to your belt.

B&G N520 Sprayer by Agserv

B&G N520 Sprayer

B&G tank sprayers. The first choice of professionals throughout the pest control industry.

B&G Portable Aerosol System by Agserv

B&G Portable Aerosol System

The B&G Portable Aerosol Unit (PAS) can be adjusted from a very fine ULV fog to a heavy mist to handle most applications

B&G Versafoamer 4000 by Agserv

B&G Versafoamer 4000

The VersaFoamer 4000 can be used in a wide variety of applications including Termite Treatments and Commercial Kitchen applications.

B&G Versafoamer HH by Agserv

B&G Versafoamer HH

The Versafoamer HH is a hand-held foamer that can be easily carried into residential and commercial accounts. The foamer operates with the 35-40 psi pressure generated by hand-pumping the 1-gallon tank.

bea gunbea gun2

BEA Concrete Nail Gun

The BeA CN40 gas powered Concrete Nailer is a well engineered portable tool, designed and built in Germany.



Motorised 14L BLOWAMIST. This knapsack is ideal with fan forced spray mist for high coverage deep into foliage.Excellent for tree or bush spraying at nursery,greenhouses or small orchard.


Cockroach puffer bent PCBC

The short bent puffer is used to dust insecticide in cracks and crevices in confined spaces.It is used to target pests where they least expect it.