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Ant Cafe

Ant Cafe

The Ant Café® is a refillable container for insect bait that protects the environment from contamination. It has a small, adjustable entryway that protects the bait from desiccation.


Black Stripe Moth Trap

Black Stripe Moth Trap

The funnel trap is well recognised in the professional pest control market and especially in the food industry.

Cat TrapCat Trap

Cat Trap

The Cat Trap is used to catch feral cats and kittens in areas of high activity. It is used by pest management technicians, councils and land care groups. It is easy to set up. It is a strong and reliable trap and always delivers excellent results.

Cockroach Gel Station by Agserv

Cockroach Gel Station

Specifically designed to hold Cockroach Gel Baits. Slim, discreet design, fits almost anywhere cockroaches hide.

Lo Line

Lo Line Cockroach Traps

Developed to monitor the three main cockroach species Blattella germanica, Blatta orientalis and Periplaneta Americana, the Lo-Line Cockroach Trap is easy to assemble and with a ready to use tablet.

Mobe Moat 18M Roll by AgservMobe Moat 18M Roll by Agserv


Mobe Moat is a roll of 18 metres of special patented siliconised paper with an adhesive applied to one surface which has been developed and manufactured as an aid to trapping insects in areas where a high risk of contamination must be avoided.

Possum Nesting Box by Agserv

Possum Nesting Box

A possum nesting box can offer a safe refuge for possums in urban and rural environments.