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Bio Bugs

BioBugs – efficiently reduce blockages, foul odour, fat, oil, grease and organic material from drains, sewer systems, grease traps and anywhere else organic material collects to cause issues.

Clear-Out Drain Foam

A revolutionary pro-biotic based formulation for the effective maintenance of drains

D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent

D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent is a fantastic animal & bird repellent. Ideal for use as a repellent for dogs, cats, birds, possums, kangaroos, bandicoots and more!

De-FOX? 1080 Fox Bait

De-Fox is a shelf-stable, manufactured bait for fox control which can be stored at room temperature.

Fresh Wave IAQ Gel

The Fresh Wave IAQ Gel is completely non-toxic and has a continuous release formulation that works round-the-clock to provide constant odor elimination day or night.

Invade Bio-Foam

Concentrate containing foaming agents, microbes and citrus.

PAKS 1080 Concentrate

For the preparation of 1080 baits to control feral pigs, foxes, rabbits and wild dogs.

TensorGrip C40

TensorGrip® C40 is a super high tack primer/adhesive, designed to create a super tacky primed surface, to allow better adhesion for D/S and butyl tapes.