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Greenzone sock

Greenzone Sock Barrier

The Greenzone Sock is the only collar on the market that protects the service penetrations from concrete expansion.

Homeguard Collar

HomeGuard Collar

HomeGuard Collars and FlexiCollars provide total termite protection for all building penetrations.

Homeguard DPC

HomeGuard DPC

HomeGuard DPC provides total termite protection for the building perimeters.

Homeguard GT

HomeGuard GT

HomeGuard GT provides total termite protection for the buildings perimeter cavities and voids.

Homeguard PB

HomeGuard PB

HomeGuard PB provides total protection for all building perimeters from subterranean termites.


HomeGuard Protectacoat

HomeGuard Protectacote and Primer provide total termite protection for awkward places.

Homeguard Termiflex

HomeGuard Termiflex

HomeGuard Termiflex provides total termite protection for all joints and gaps.

Homeguard TMB

HomeGuard TMB

HomeGuard TMB provides total termite protection for the building under slab.

JH Termite Barrier BlanketJH Collar 120mm

JH Termite Barrier

JH Termite Barrier is a combined physical, chemical termite barrier & Damp Proof Course (DPC).

JH Hard Collar

JH Termite Barrier Hard Collar

JH Hard Collars are a PVC collar used around penetration pipes as part of a termite protection system for the prevention of concealed termite entry into new buildings.

Nemesis system

Nemesis Termite Baiting System

Nemesis is an integrated system for the management of subterranean termite infestations (except Mastotermes darwiniensis)

Terminade 5L

PCT Terminade

For the protection of structures from subterranean termite damage and for the control of subterranean termites around domestic and commercial structures.

Sentricon wh AG

Sentricon AG Termite Bait Station

Above ground Termite baiting Station used to eliminate termite colonies by encouraging termites to establish the station as a preferred feeding site.


Sentricon Always Active

Sentricon IG (In-Ground) Termiticide Rods have the benefits of both chemical barriers and bait stations, without any of their drawbacks. No mixing, no trenches, no poison. And colony elimination may be achieved before termites are even detected!