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Particle filter P3 model SR510Particle filter P3 model SR510

Particle filter P3 model SR510

Used against all types of wet and dry particles, such as dust, smoke, aerosols, spray, asbestos, bacteria, viruses and mould



SR 221 should always be used for particle, gas and combined filters.
5 Per pack.The pre-filter protects the main filter against premature clogging by larger particles.

Basic Pack by Agserv

Sundstrom Basic Kit

The Sundström SR90-3 half face respirator is suitable for intermittent use in a wide variety of work situations.

Sundstrom SR100 1/2 Mask by AgservSundstrom SR100 1/2 Mask by Agserv

Sundstrom SR100 1/2 Mask

The mask is equipped with two exhalation valves, which ensures very low exhalation resistance. Valve covers with baffles effectively protect the exhalation membrane against dust and paint mist.

Sundstrom SR200 Full Face Respirator by Agserv

Sundstrom SR200 Full Face Respirator

The Sundström SR200 full face respirator provides very high protection at heavy-duty work for extended periods.The respirator offers added eye and face protection and a higher protection factor than half masks.

Torch MH10 LED by AgservTorch MH10 LED by Agserv

Torch MH10 LED

USB Rechargable: Integrated USB Pport allows for easy and safe charging
Powerful:Max output as high as 1000 lumens
Intuitive:Easy-to-use user interface with multifunction side switch
EDC:Extremely compact size

Torch MT21C by AgservTorch MT21C by Agserv

Torch MT21C

The Nitecore MT21C is compact multi-functional torch uses an innovative 90 degree tiltable head, equipped with a powerful CREE XP-L HD V6 LED capable of 1000 lumens and 201 meters of throw