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Bird Net Angle Bracket by Agserv

Bird Net Angle Bracket

Bird net angle brackets are used as support bird net cable on steel cladding and timber.

Bird Net Eye Bolt by Agserv

Bird Net Eyebolt

Bird net eye bolts provide a sturdy mounting point for bird net cables in brick, concrete & masonry.

Bird Net Ferrules by Agserv

Bird Net Ferrules

Agserv’s bird net ferrules are used for securing the ends of bird net cable.

Bird Net Girder Clip by Agserv

Bird Net Girder Clip

Girder clips are used as an intermediate attachment for fastening bird net cable to girders or I beams

Bird Net Pad Eye by Agserv

Bird Net Pad Eye

Bird net pad eyes provide a strong and reliable anchoring point for cable ends and turnbuckles.

Bird Net Spike by Agserv

Bird Net Spike

Bird net spikes are used as an intermediate fixing when attaching bird net cable to concrete.