Since 1975, FMC has been involved in the Australian market in registering products and supplying professional pest managers. The first active ingredients registered included cypermethrin and permethrin products for general household pest control.

Following the discovery and development of bifenthrin in the early 1980’s, FMC released Biflex in 1994, a termiticide and insecticide which replaced the organochlorides to set new standards in termite management in Australia. FMC continues to develop and improve its Biflex formulations utilizing more than 20 years of ongoing trial data gathered under Australian conditions. 

FMC is a research and development company with product formulations other companies attempt to copy. However, our focus on product development means we continue to refine our formulations to benefit the professional pest manager.

We sell through a national distribution network which supplies professional pest managers. FMC Sales Managers service our customers in all states of Australia.


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