History – Background

Liphatech has been long established in the Northern Hemisphere being a leader of the rodent-control industry in Europe and North America. It all started in 1946 but it is really in 1961 with the discovery of Chlorophacinone, the first anticoagulant molecule dedicated to rodent control, that Liphatech focused on rodent control technologies. Since 2002, Liphatech is part of the DeSangosse Group, a France-based crop protection and pest control group. While Liphatech maintains a strong emphasis on customer support through product quality, innovation, on-time delivery & total stewardship (training, regulatory compliance, etc.), R&D is also a key component of our day-to-day business. Quality driven, researchers & laboratory technicians devote a large part of their time to developing new technologies, such as bait matrixes that have superior acceptance and control of target pests. While a lot happens behind the scenes, Romain Broch & Jerome Beline are your local faces.

Our products & services

  • Liphatech is a leading specialist of rodent control solutions. The company has developed various technologies grouped under three key trademarks
  • AEGIS®: Bait stations & equipment
  • MAKI® & GENERATION®: Baits


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