Food Moth Bullet Lure

Controlled release pheromone lure for attracting various food infesting moth species


Insects Limited Food Moth Bullet Lures™ attract food moth species with a controlled release of pheromone over 3 months. The IL103 bullet lure will attract:

  • Indian Meal Moth (Plodia Interpunctella)
  • Mediterranean Flour Moths (Ephestia kuehniella)
  • Almond Moth (Ephestia cautella)
  • Tobacco Moths (Ephestia elutella)

Food Moth Moth Bullet Lures™ pair the science of insect biology to a synthetically designed and laboratory-produced pheromone to assist you with the task of monitoring for these pests in your environment.

Pair with NoSurvivor Trap for best results. Also suitable with other industry standard trapping devices.

Pack size: Single unit


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