GoodNature Professional Trap Kit

Keeping rodent control out of sight and out of reach.


The GoodNature Professional Trap Kit is perfect for keeping your rodent control out of sight and out of reach.

It resets and refills itself, so it’s on guard 24/7, ready to kill the rodent you’ve spotted, plus all the ones you haven’t. It’s also Bluetooth connected, so you can track your kills, traps, power and lure levels from your smartphone. And all that trapping smarts is tucked away discreetly in our lockable Trap Box, so you can forget about it until there’s a dead rodent to clear.

  • 2 mounting options
  • 48 CO₂-powered kills
  • 12 months self-dispensing lure
  • smartphone app included

Key Features:

Trap Securely – Keep it out of sight and reach with the Trap Box, or screw it down with the Trap Mount.

Always Irresistible – Either use the Automatic Paste Pumps for 12 months of self-dispensing deliciousness or the DIY Lure basket with your choice of lure.

Refill Reminders – Get a nudge on your smartphone when your CO₂, lure or battery levels are running low.

Kill Count – Track what you’ve killed and when you’ve killed it, all from your smartphone.