GP MozX Biological Larvicide

Controls Salt marsh mosquito larvae including Aedes vigilax and dengue vectors including Aedes aegypti.


GP MozX is a biological larvicide that contains spores and endotoxins of the naturally occurring bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTi).

GP MozX is a higher bulk density granule; it is up to twice the density of other forms of Bti solid products. The high bulk density allows aircraft to manage significantly higher payloads. Aerial applicators can cover a greater area with reduced loading and application times.

No spray or surface drift; GP MozX’s dry granule formulation has zero spraydrift, thus allowing applications to be carried out on the very edge of the urban interface, unlike lighter granules which can sit on the surface and can be blown into off target areas.

Pack size: 15Kg

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