Power Planter 224HD

Heavy duty soil auger for Termite bait station installation


Power Planter 224HD 50mm wide by 600mm long with a Hardened Steel Tip and additional welding. The right choice for the installation of Sentricon stations in soil. Fits into a standard 13mm Drill Chuck.

The Power Planters clever design empties the soil out of the hole as it digs so once the right depth is achieved, just push the bait station down into the hole.

POWER PLANTERS dig through:

  • Compacted Garden Beds
  • Solid Clay
  • Stony Ground
  • Fibrous roots (eg. shrubs and palms)
  • Coffee Rock
  • Shale soil and more.

Power Planter model 428H also available for Nemesis,Termatrix and other 100mm stations.

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