PTL Multi-Species Bullet Lure

Pheromone lure for use in Plodia, Trogoderma & Lasioderma insect monitoring programmes.


Insects Limited PTL Multi-Species Bullet Lures™ attract the most common stored product beetles and moths. PTL represents the Plodia/Trogoderma/Lasioderma insects. The IL108 bullet lure will attract:

  • Indian Meal Moth, (Plodia Interpunctella)
  • Mediterranean Flour Moths, (Ephestia kuehniella)
  • Almond Moth, (Ephestia cautella)
  • Tobacco Moths, (Ephestia elutella)
  • Warehouse Beetle, (Trogoderma spp.)
  • Cigarette Beetle, (Lasioderma serricorne)
  • Khapra Beetle, (Trogoderma granarium), (Trogoderma glabrum) and (Trogoderma inclusum)

Male moths and beetles are attracted to the lure with a controlled release of pheromone over 3 months. They are readily stuck in the glue when paired with a sticky trap trapping system such as the NoSurvivor Trap or other industry standard device.

Pack size: Single unit

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