Rudduck Alpha Rapid Rodenticide

Rudduck Alpha Rapid Rodenticide provides exceptionally quick control of internal mice infestations



Containing the active Alphachlorolose 4% in a smooth triangular bait block, Rudduck Alpha Rapid Rodenticide controls mice in indoor situations. Blocks are packaged into plastic trays for ease of use. The block is suitable for use in tamper resistant mice bait boxes, up to maximum of 2 blocks per station. Mice bait boxes can be used in a variety of locations inside a building to control infestations.

Alphachloralose is an acute rodenticide, which offers exceptionally quick control of internal mice infestations. It eliminates the risk of secondary poisoning and reduces potential impact on non target species.

Pack size: 48 x 5g blocks (4 trays of 12 blocks)

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