Rudduck Alpha Rapid Rodenticide

Rudduck Alpha Rapid Rodenticide provides exceptionally quick control of  mice infestations



Exceptionally quick control of mice infestations

A new product from a new chemical group for mouse control

• Alpha Rapid is an ideal product to achieve quick control of mouse populations

• It is very fast acting – mice become drowsy in 10 – 15 minutes and die from hypothermia soon after

• This means corpses are easily found and disposed of, rather than dying in hidden voids

• Very low dose – a wild mouse requires less than half a gram – a mere tooth scrape for a lethal dose

• It will control anticoagulant resistant mice

• The combination of fats in the paste baits increases palatability

• 95% control can be expected in temps of 10 – 16C degrees

• It is a perfect tool for IPM programs

• Used appropriately it will help reduce the amount of SGAR in the environment

• It has no known resistance

• It has no secondary poisoning risks

Pack size: 48 x 5g blocks (4 trays of 12 blocks)


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