Warden Residual Termiticide

Warden is a residual termiticide containing 100 g/L fipronil


Warden is a residual termiticide containing 100 g/L fipronil. When used in accordance with the directions on the label, this product provides effective prevention and/or control of subterranean termites. This product must be applied in a manner which provides a continuous treated zone to effectively prevent termites from infesting wood. This product is a highly effective termiticide against a variety of subterranean termites including species of Coptotermes, Mastotermes and Schedorhinotermes giving 8 years protection.

  • Quality formulation developed and backed by Adama and Control Solutions Inc
  • Water based, suspension formulation
  • Termite protection claim for 8 years
  • Non repellent chemistry
  • Pest Control specific product & formulation

Pack size: 5 Litre


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