Sumitomo Chemical Australia

Sumitomo Chemical Australia develops, registers and markets products for crop protection, household insect control, environmental health and professional pest control for use in Australia and New Zealand. We have a team of sales and technical support staff based in key agricultural production regions of Australia with particular focus on horticulture and cotton production. Our head office in Sydney houses our customer service, marketing, product development and regulatory staff. Our crop protection range comprises conventional chemistry sourced from our parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Company Japan and its USA based subsidiary, Valent Biosciences, which has for over 40 years been producing a range of naturally occurring, environmentally compatible pesticides and plant growth regulators. As a result, we provide a unique offering of conventional and biological products to customers. We also distribute the McLaughlin Gormley King Company (MGK) product range in Australia and New Zealand. MGK is a leader in the development and distribution of a wide range of insect control technologies, for the home consumer, professional pest control, animal health and crop protection markets.


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Bedlam Aerosol

Bedlam Aerosol

A powerful aerosol designed to control bed bugs, lice and dust mites

Distance Plus

Distance Plus Ant Bait

For the control of invasive and nuisance ants in domestic, commercial, environmental or agricultural situations.



Sumiblast is a crack and crevice aerosol for internal and external use by professional pest controllers providing both excellent knockdown and residual control of pests.


Sumilarv IGR

For use with an adulticide to control cockroaches and fleas in domestic, industrial and public health situations.

Synergy Pro Ant Bait

Synergy Pro Ant Bait

Synergy Pro, for the control of a range of ants in domestic, commercial and agricultural situations.



For specific control of first to early fourth instar mosquito (Family Culicidae) larvae as per Directions for Use table.

Waspjet Pro

WaspJet Pro?

WaspJet Pro® Aerosol allows you to tackle wasp nests with confidence.

Xterm IG Termite BaitXterm Inground Station

Xterm IG Termite Bait

For use in the management of subterranean termites in Xterm in-ground monitoring stations.

Xterm Inground Station

Xterm Inground Station

Xterm in-ground station for use with Xterm timber monitoring devices and Xterm Termite bait canisters

Xterm TimberXterm Inground Station

Xterm Timber

Xterm Timbers are used as an attractant in Xterm in-ground Termite baiting stations.