Distance Plus Ant Bait

For the control of invasive and nuisance ants in domestic, commercial, environmental or agricultural situations.



Many ant products can reduce the ant population for a while, only for the problem to return. This is because they don’t always kill the queen, allowing more eggs to be produced and the colony to recover. Other ant products cannot be used in sensitive areas due to their safety profile and action on non-target animals. Distance® Plus Ant Bait has the performance and safety profile to deliver ant control in almost any situation.

Distance® Plus Ant Bait is picked up by foraging ants, taken back to the nest and fed to the queen. The bait contains an insect growth regulator (pyriproxyfen) which stops the queen producing eggs. No more eggs, no more ants, no more problem. It may take a little longer to work, but its unique mode of action targets the queen, ensuring the death of the colony.

Pack size: 500g



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