Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel

ADVION® Evolution Cockroach Gel is the latest in gel bait technology from Syngenta to the Australian professional pest management industry. The new enhanced formulation provides increased bait consumption and improved speed of kill, even when compared with ADVION® Cockroach Gel.




ADVION® Evolution Cockroach Gel is the latest in gel bait technology from Syngenta Professional Pest Management. The new enhanced formulation results in increased bait consumption and improved speed of kill*, while featuring the proven performance of indoxacarb and its exponential control through tertiary transfer. It is THE bait to control even the toughest cockroach problem.

An enhanced formulation with the power of indoxacarb

The difference in ADVION® Evolution Cockroach Gel is in the bait matrix, which has improved the palatability and attractiveness of the gel.
The active ingredient – indoxacarb – is already known for its speed, efficacy and horizontal transfer ability. It is a trusted active ingredient.

Making a great bait better

When ADVION® Cockroach gel was launched, Syngenta did not stop investing into the research and development of cockroach baits. After years of research and development into active ingredients and matrices, along with a robust resistant management program, Syngenta are pleased to bring a new cockroach bait into the marketplace.

The revised balance of sugars and proteins in the enhanced bait matrix of ADVION® Evolution has demonstrated increased attraction. Leading to increased feeding and bait uptake, as well as improved speed of kill. All of which is sure to add up to improved customer satisfaction.

How does ADVION® eradicate the entire cockroach colony?

ADVION® Evolution is powered by indoxacarb: an active ingredient with a unique mode of action that spreads rapidly to other cockroaches. Once a cockroach is exposed, it unleashes a three-step chain reaction. ADVION is spread through the population through normal cockroach behaviours (e.g. ingestion of faeces and secretions), resulting in the quick elimination of cockroach infestations.

Horizontal transfer

With indoxacarb, a cockroach will consume the bait and return to its harbourage or colony, contaminating other pests before dying. This is called ‘horizontal transfer’ and results in the secondary kill of the cockroaches who do not go out and forage. Due to the behaviour patterns of cockroaches, ADVION® can even be transferred to a third group of cockroaches by the same mechanism as described above. This is called a ‘tertiary kill’. Only ADVION® gel baits have demonstrated this effect, leading to more thorough control.

Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel

For example, the diagram shows how a single adult cockroach can consume a lethal dose of indoxacarb, which in turn kills many nymphs (secondary mortality). These nymphs then become donors and can kill other cockroaches (tertiary kill).

With its new enhanced formulation, ADVION® Evolution is THE bait to control even the toughest cockroach.

The MetaActive™ effect

Indoxacarb is a pro-insecticide, meaning that it must be metabolized within the target pest before it can be activated. This is also known as the MetaActive™ effect and helps to provide targeted and thorough control. Once ingested by an insect, specific enzymes bio-activate the indoxacarb molecule by breaking it at specific sites that fit the enzyme. This chemical reaction produces smaller pieces, known as metabolites, which have powerful insecticidal properties that can now block the sodium channel of the insect nervous system.

Active ingredient: 8 g/kg INDOXACARB (75:25). Equivalent to 6 g/kg active S-isomer
Schedule: S5 Caution
Matrix: Speciality protein and sugar formulation
Accreditations: HACCP
Pests controlled: American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana), German Cockroach (Blattella germanica), other common cockroaches
Packaging: 4 x 30 g tube in clamshell pack

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