Clearout Drain Foam

A revolutionary pro-biotic based formulation for the effective maintenance of drains


Clear-Out Drain Foam contains a concentrated mix of natural microbial spores which when activated, digest bad bacteria.

Eliminates, prevents & guards against the build-up of scum, mould & other decaying organic matters in drains and other areas. Eliminating the BIOFILM (removing the source) reduces the potential harbourages and breeding sites of insects such as drain flies and cockroaches.

• Clear-out is also suitable for use on carpets and soft furnishings
• Fully biodegradable
• Safe for use in septic systems
• Eliminates food source required by drain flies
• For domestic, commercial & industrial use
• Australian made & owned
• Natural mould and odour control product
• Helps remove the food source and biofilm breeding medium required by drain flies, cockroaches and ants.
• Actively breaks down organic matter that causes blockages and odours in drains & grease traps.

Pack size: 500g


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