Demand 100CS Insecticide

Long-lasting control against ants, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and spiders



DEMAND® 100CS Insecticide delivers long-lasting control against ants, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and spiders.

DEMAND® 100CS can be applied:

  • indoors or outdoors
  • to foliage, on ornamental plants and shrubs
  • on hard surfaces like walls, under decks
  • in plant pots making it extremely versatile.

DEMAND® 100CS uses iCAP™ technology, encasing the active ingredient in a polymer microcapsule, suspended in water. The unique concentrated suspension formulation extends the longevity of control for up to 12 months indoors and up to 3 months outdoors. The active ingredient remains protected from the environment within the microcapsules and this protection provides extended duration of effect.

In addition, the capsule size has been optimised so that insects moving over treated surfaces pick up microcapsules on their bodies. Once attached to the insects, the active ingredient rapidly moves out of the capsule and into the insect, providing a rapid knockdown effect followed by quick kill. The excellent longevity of control that is achieved with DEMAND® 100CS means fewer applications so less chemical is applied around the house than with traditional pest control insecticides.

Pack size: 1L

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