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Advion Ant Pic

Advion Ant Gel

ADVION ANT GEL is a professional ant bait that targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders.

Altriset Termiticide

An effective, non-scheduled termite treatment that is versatile and user friendly


Arilon Insecticide

The unique mode of action of ARILON makes this non-repellent insecticide a flexible option for pest managers.

Demand Pic 2


DEMAND is a broad spectrum insecticide with fast knockdown and excellent residual properties.

Demand Duo by Agserv

Demand Duo

Powerful knockdown and excellent residual


Optigard Ant Gel

Optigard Ant Bait Gel contains a highly palatable bait matrix. This recipe is designed to make Optigard irresistible to sugar feeding ants.

Talon Pellets

Talon Pellets

Ready to use bait for use in and around industrial, commercial, public services, agricultural and domestic buildings.

Talon XT Pro

Talon XT Pro

TALON XT PRO is a highly palatable, effective and versatile single feed rodenticide for pest professionals.