Genus FLI

A new generation insect light trap, the Genus® Fli is a strong, powerful and economical performer, providing excellent value in flying insect control.



Designed for reduced energy consumption and increased attraction levels, the Genus® Fli is designed to remove flying-insect pests faster.
The innovative Genus® Fli unit uses new product design and technology to produce an insect light trap with stylish looks, eco-friendly operation and silent, discreet performance for the most sensitive public areas.The Genus® Fli also boasts the power and reliability needed in the most testing production environments and locations with heavy fly activity.
Reduced running costs,lower energy demands and increased attraction and catch rates come as standard in the Genus® Fli. Engineered by the market leading designers at Brandenburg,the Genus® Fli uses the latest innovations incorporating electronic ballast to ensure a successful mix of high power output for effective performance and efficient running costs.
As with all units within the Genus® range of products the Genus® Fli features the option to have sleeved bulbs,and incorporates the Brandenburg universal glue board to ensure safety and efficiency in maintenance.
Effective,stylish and giving a faster,higher catch of flying insect pests than other conventional units,the Genus® Fli is the most cost-effective choice for flying insect control.


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