Drop Ins Commercial Fruit Fly Trap

Controls fruit fly populations indoors. Drop Ins, Say Goodbye to Fruit Flies.


Say Goodbye to Fruit Flies.

  • Pre-baited, non-toxic food grade lure solution draws fruit flies towards trap.
  • Conical design allows fruit flies to enter trap but prevents them from escaping.
  • Patented “no spill” entry ensures the lure solution stays where it belongs.
  • Trap Holder (with adhesive backing ) allows the trap to become discreet and hidden out of the way (sold separately).
  • Hide on walls, sides of counters and bars.
  • Lure solution lasts for up to 30 days. Simply discard in the trash.
  • Will capture hundreds of fruit flies without needing replacement.
  • Simple to use – No servicing required.

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