Genus Cobra LED Fly Trap

An Insect Light Trap that provides superior fly catch



Genus® Cobra LED – Optimised LED technology with a 180° window of attraction for the fastest fly catch.

  • Unique technology for faster and higher fly catch
  • 62% faster fly catch within 10 minutes compared to the Genus® Cobra Fluorescent
  • 73% reduction in energy costs compared to the Genus® Cobra Fluorescent

Areas of Application:

Food Processing Plants
Supermarkets / Groceries
Hotels / Motels
Airports / Seaports / Train Stations
Office Buildings
Healthcare Centres / Hospitals / Pharmaceuticals / Labs
Cinemas / Theatres / Arenas / Stadiums
Prisons / Penal Facilities
Schools / Educational Institutions
Doctors’ / Dentists’ Offices
Residential Areas
Cruise Lines

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