Termidor Foam

Termidor Foam, the first-choice foam for complete termite colony control.


Termidor Foam is the newest innovation in a long line of products brought to you by BASF. Termidor Foam has been specifically formulated as a dry foam which holds in place. This combined with the products unsurpassed 30:1 expansion ratio ensures that Termidor Foam will work through intricate termite workings and carton material without dissipating and turning to water like other foams can.

Termidor Foam has also been specifically designed with 0.05g/kg of fipronil, ensuring the product does not kill too quickly allowing the powerful Termidor Transfer Effect™ to go to work. These features make Termidor Foam the perfect product for stage 1 colony elimination when treating termite nests in and off structure, bivouacs, baiting stations or other areas with termite activity.

Pack size: 567g


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