The combination of Termidor being undetectable in the soil and its Transfer Effect mean no other termiticide performs as well as Termidor.


Termidor Residual Termiticide and Insecticide provides professional pest controllers with the most superior levels of control for Termites and a broad range of external pests, including ants, cockroaches, spiders and flies.

Termidor is compatible with external bait treatments such as BASF’s Goliath® Liquid Ant Bait and Amdro® Granular Ant Bait. Termidor may also be used in conjunction with internal insecticide treatments such as Phantom® Insecticide, Phantom® Pressurised and Goliath® Cockroach Gel providing pest control operators with the most superior and comprehensive, rotation, residual and resistance strategy available for all situations.

Pack size: 1L & 5L


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