Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide

Controls rodents up to three times faster than anticoagulant rodenticides.


Selontra is powered by a non-anticoagulant (non-AVK) active ingredient, and formulated into a stable, highly palatable soft block formulation. The active ingredient in Selontra is naturally occurring and is neither persistent nor bio-accumulative, resulting in a favorable environmental profile when compared to first and second generation anticoagulants.

Selontra controls rodents up to three times faster than anticoagulant rodenticides and has a stop-feeding effect, which results in reduced bait wastage and significant cost savings.

Features Benefits

Non-anticoagulant active Unlike anticoagulants rodenticides, the active ingredient in Selontra rapidly breaks down in the environment and does not bio-accumulate. This results in a significantly lower secondary poisoning profile, reduced risk of avian toxicity and a reduced contamination risk to stock, stock feed and the environment.

Palatable and stable formulation

Selontra has been formulated into a unique soft block formulation leading to unsurpassed palatability even when other attractive food sources are available. The novel formulation remains stable and effective in dry environments and across both hot and cold conditions.

Superior performance and reliability

Selontra controls rodents up to up to three times faster than anticoagulant rodenticides and has a stop-feeding effect preventing affected rodents from feeding on non-bait food sources or consuming additional bait. This reduces the number of treatments required, minimising wastage and reducing the risk of contamination from foraging rodents.

Flexible use pattern: Selontra is approved for use within structures, around structures and off structures including on perimeter fence lines allowing for a total control strategy to be developed for every situation.

Application: Selontra should only be placed in areas frequented by the target pests as specified on the product label. Selontra must be secured in lockable tamper resistant bait stations.

Pack size: 5Kg


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